Our Vision + Role

We Stories engages White families to change the conversation about and build momentum towards racial equity in St. Louis.


WE ENVISION a St. Louis region where families of all races have the opportunity to thrive.

WE ACKNOWLEDGE that our region's history with race is complicated and that racism operates as a system of inequities that shape broad patterns of where we live, who we know and how we fare.

WE BELIEVE that racial inequity is the greatest challenge to our region's future, its growth, and the well-being of its citizens.

WE AIM TO INTERVENE in the vicious cycle that keeps us segregated, suffering and stuck by asking how the status quo gets perpetuated and inviting families like ours who have been on the sidelines to step up and dig in.


We Stories activates a critical mass of previously unengaged White families in St. Louis (or roughly 3,400 families) to view anti-racism as a parenting priority. Among those, We Stories organizes a community of hundreds of parent leaders who advocate for diverse and integrated experiences for their children, and this community is robust, cohesive, and engaged enough to influence family-serving businesses, service providers and government bodies, and put real heft behind region change efforts.

We built our program model based on a set of interlocking beliefs.

Theory of Change

We believe that IF more families are provided with 1) resources to improve the way they engage their children in conversations about race, 2) connections to like-minded families, and 3) opportunities to add their voices to racial justice activism and policy change efforts, THEN the resulting community of families will become a force of positive change, BECAUSE many want to be part of solutions to make St. Louis more equitable but feel unprepared, isolated, or disconnected from action opportunities.