For Teachers

Racial Equity Curriculum Partnership

Many educators are also looking for opportunities to start and strengthen conversations about race and racism in their classrooms. And like us, many would like to leverage children’s books to do so. To help support that work we have formed a partnership with Educators for Social Justice a local network of educators called Racial Equity Curriculum Partnership. These educators form mentoring relationships and develop book-based curriculum to use with We Stories families at our events. Educators have the opportunity to learn out loud with a community eager for more in depth conversation opportunities around racial equity and intersecting issues, (language, nationality, gender, ability, sexual orientation, etc...). Our families and children have the opportunity to not only be exposed to a variety of teaching styles and critical literacy techniques but also engage with a wider range of voices on the topic of race, racism and difference, which serves to normalize the experience.

If you are an educator and are interested in learning more about or joining the RECP with ESJ and We Stories, please visit here.