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featured in the In St. Louis Project from Washington University. Aug 2019

featured in 50 Creative Ways to Make a Difference. Midwest Living. Jan 2019

Through We Stories and children’s books, white families are discussing race with their kids. St. Louis Magazine. 12.31.18

Embrace Race Webinar: Parenting for Equity in St. Louis After #Ferguson. 7.24.18

St. Louis authors, We Stories use books to teach children diversity. St. Louis Public Radio. 7.17.18

Six of One… with Laura Horwitz. STL Nonprofit News. 5.17.18

How White Parents are Addressing Racism – by reading to their children. Christian Science Monitor. 11.29.17

We Stories. givetwig. 4.10.17

Have compassion Rick Hanson's Newsletter 4.6.17

We Stories help parents talk to children about race. KSDK. 4.5.17

We Stories Uses Children's Books to Dismantle Racism. St. Louis Magazine. 3.16.17

We Stories and St. Louis County Library System. Urban Libraries Council.

Two St. Louis Moms: The Good Men Project Conversations on Race. The Good Men Project. 1.18.17

Talking To Kids About Race and Racism. St. Joseph's Press-News. 7.24.16

Thinking and Talking About Race with Kids: Our Friends at We Stories. Kids in the Stairwell. 7.21.16

Trouble finding diverse books for kids? Check out these titlesWe Live Here podcast, STL Public Radio. 7.11.16

Please Educate Your Family So My Family Doesn't Always Have To. The Adoptive Duo. 7.6.16

Please Contain Your Curiosity About My Biracial Child. Mixed Remix. 4.21.16

St. Louis County moms help white parents talk about race with kids. The Post Dispatch. 4.11.16

Telling stories to start conversations about race issues. St. Louis Jewish Light. 3.30.16

We Stories' aims to get white families talking about race, racism through children's books. "St. Louis On the Air", STL Public Radio. 3.29.16

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