Impact Overview

We believe that, as parents at this time and in this place, we have a unique opportunity to contribute to lasting, generational change.

Everybody in St. Louis understands that racial inequity is a huge challenge for our region today, and most people want to see a racially equitable future. But most White families have been standing on the sidelines...for generations. We haven’t inherited the understanding, knowledge, and skills to navigate and interrupt the patterns of racism around us - in our homes, communities, schools and region.

We Stories is creating pathways for White families to engage in racial equity work, and galvanizing momentum to help get St. Louis unstuck and start moving towards a more equitable future for all.

We see the process of change each and every day. We see change add up family by family. We see change add up month by month. We have great cause for optimism.

Our Theory of Change

Our Findings

Stories of Change

And yet, the same stark reality still faces our region, prompting us to ask:

What would it take for YOU to believe now is the time and we are the generation to break the cycle of inequity?

What will it take to make change go from possible to probable?

Our model works, and we have the proof. But lasting change will take all of us...or at least many more of us.

If you’re not already a part of our team...we need you to be. This is YOUR invitation.

How will you help move change forward today?