Learning for families with kids ages 0-3

Many parents of little kids wonder how to best use the We Stories resources. While very little kids aren’t going to be able to understand some of the bigger topics that we explore, together you still have very important work to do! The focus with your children should be on deepening your comfort talking about race and physical descriptors such as shades of skin and feels of hair, as well as incorporating as many examples of positive representation as possible in real life and on their bookshelf. To help you on that journey we have compiled lists of 4 different book bundles. Together your task is to: Read. Reflect. Repeat.


(Please note that we still encourage the adults to select curricular themes from the GOING DEEPER sections and explore the corresponding parent resources. Increasing your knowledge now will help you be better prepared when your child is ready to talk about the bigger topics of segregation, racism, and discrimination.)