What does it take to step off the sidelines? To take a stand?
To help create a new normal?

What becomes possible when a critical mass of White families decide to step forward—away from the sidelines and towards the movement for justice?


Change becomes possible - not just for individual families...but for whole communities.
And - with your help - our region.

We Stories is a catalyst for change—
in conversations, awareness, and choices;
in kids, parents, and families; in homes, communities, schools, institutions, and ultimately, in St. Louis.

Change begins when We Stories challenges White families* to re-think race and their role in our segregated region. Change takes hold when new habits become normal and are passed down to the next generation. Change amplifies when families connect with each other, galvanizing communities that didn’t exist before. Change gains traction when these families use their new awareness and skills to take action, generating new support for change-making efforts.

Change adds up person by person, family by family, and it adds up, over time.

WE KNOW THIS because change is already happening

But we need you to add your weight, grow the momentum, and make it last.

*Why White families? We are so glad you asked!


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