For Continuing Families

“The work I am doing as part of We Stories is changing me for the better more than anything I have done in my adult life. What a privilege to have never needed to show up I am grateful for the opportunity to change that starting today.”
— We Stories Family Learning Participant

Our Family Learning Program plants the seeds for long-term and lasting transformation. Those first 12 weeks lay the groundwork for a much longer journey of growth and change. A growing part of our organizational work is providing year-round programming, community building, and opportunities for skill building and action to the hundreds of families in our ever-expanding community.

Each family’s ongoing journey looks different. Some choose to continue deepening the conversations and learning happening within the confines of their own home. Some choose to engage with the institutions they most frequently intersect, like schools and municipalities. Some feel compelled to pay their experience forward by volunteering to support incoming families as they start their We Stories journey. Some activate around a particular issue - such as housing equity, educational equity, access to early childhood education, maternal/fetal health disparities - and support regional change-making efforts.

“We Stories has helped me on my own racial identity journey. It’s changed how I see myself, how I understand who I am, and how I got here, and what I care about, and understand my capacity to do something differently.”
— We Stories Family Participant

We Stories not only provides opportunities for engagement, learning, and organizing but also supports our engaged families in continuing the work of anti-racism as they seek new roles, responsibilities and relationships. We embrace a peer-modeling method that focuses on the principles necessary for equitable change, such as practicing followership; embracing a culture of invitation; cultivating a race-conscious mindset; learning in public; advocating for accountability, transparency, and collaboration; and always keeping focus on systems-change.

Ongoing curriculum, resources, and event calendars available for continuing families:

“Because of We Stories I have learned that I have more learning to do. I thought this program would help me talk to my child about race. I didn’t think about how much was lacking from my own knowledge to have that conversation.”
— a We Stories parent
“We Stories has expanded my knowledge, and I think that’s another thing that keeps me coming back, is that I keep wanting to learn, and I keep meeting new people...and they are amazing.”
— a We Stories parent