What comes in a kit?

We have 12 differently themed kits for educational setting serving kids from 2-10. Each kit comes with 4-6 complementary books, a discussion guide, and parent resources. Some enthusiastic parents at Bristol Elementary made this video to share with the larger parenting community.

What are the themes?

There is a range of themes that you can choose from such as Stories of Neighborhoods to Stories of Family Legacy. Our themes have been carefully chosen to reflect critical conversations that we believe it is important, especially for white families, to have. Conversations that often are missing from diversity education but are critical to reframing the importance of race and racism for us all. If you are interested in purchasing kits, we will gladly supply you with a list of available themes.

Can’t I just make my own kits?

Yes. We are supportive of institutions investing their time and monies into diverse books! There are so many permutations of themes and is an abundance of amazing diverse literature! We Stories is not the only way to diversify your collection or resources.

If you do create your own kits, please do not use our resources, book lists, or titled themes. We have worked hard to develop our reputation, resources and materials, and our name - "We Stories" - is trademarked. If you are unclear about whether something of ours is available for public use, please ask.

Do you have a minimum order?

Yes. We know that the conversation of race and racism is an important and robust one. Community conversations are best supported when they are resourced through a variety of materials.

In order to get a suitable range of topics and depth of resources we recommend a library of 10 kits for elementary schools with enrollment 250 and above, and a library of 7 kits for Early Childhood Centers and smaller elementary schools.

How much do they cost?

Each kit is $100. There are a variety of ways to fund a library. Some schools and some parent groups have written grants to securing foundation funding for their libraries. We are happy to share a draft template with you. Some schools have incorporated funding into existing school funding opportunities, such as an auction. Other schools have allocated PTO funds. Please contact us to discuss more. We strive to make our resources accessible to those who want them.

How do I order?

Please contact us! Relationships matter and we want to know more about you and your system. We generate orders on a quarterly basis. To begin a relationship and for more information about ordering deadlines please contact