Let's Be a Community that Invests in Anti-Racism and Racial Equity Across the Board!

Did you know that Give STL Day (May 1) is the important fundraising day of the year for We Stories? We know that it can be a noisy day in our region and that some folks have a love/hate relationship with this 24-hour fundraising event. But for us at We Stories we’ve really come to embrace this important day. Really! We mean it.

Let us tell you 5 Reasons why we LOVE/LOVE Give STL Day.

We believe that Give STL Day gives us the unique opportunity to demonstrate that:

1. Gifts of every size matter

Gifts of every size always matter to us at We Stories. In fact, much of our funding is made up of small and modest donations from nearly 600 everyday people who often don’t typically see themselves as philanthropists. But Give STL Day is a day where gifts of all sizes really, really matter for us. And that’s because the total number of unique donors that give on that day allow us to be eligible for additional prize monies in amounts that are otherwise hard to attain for our organization. It’s a day where the size of our supportive community matters a lot!

2. When we act together we can really make an impact

Community is at the heart of nearly everything we do at We Stories. We know that change is more likely and more lasting when it’s endeavored with a group of others who can offer both motivation and accountability. Each year our Give Day campaigns are built and executed by teams of 25-45 people, who thoughtfully work on narrative and outreach strategies that reflect where we are as a community and how we fit into the regional puzzle. The stories from within our own We Stories families serve to motivate our broader community to keep investing in our collective work. During Give STL Day itself many of us gather to help thank and love on all those who show up and support! We often say we are #fueledbyfamilies, and this day in particular is unique proof of that.

3. Anti-Racism is a priority for STL families

It matters when we act together and put We Stories and other equity-focused organizations on the leaderboard for Give STL Day. In years past the initiatives with the most support haven’t always mirrored our region’s greatest challenges. While this 24 hours alone is far from the full picture it’s a lot harder to dispute that STL families care about anti-racism when we turn out so powerfully on Give STL Day. Our collective action on this highly visible day has sent important messages to others in the region including community leaders and philanthropists. We can’t afford to miss an opportunity to demonstrate to our region that we are here for anti-racism work!

4. Giving Begets Giving

Give STL Day is ALSO a fantastic opportunity to share and showcase all the initiatives and organizations that you and we care so deeply about. It’s a day to celebrate giving and our regional investment in who we want to become. We know that the families that we engage are at a stage of life where the expenses seem endless. And yet many have found that prioritizing philanthropy and setting new giving habits are an important way of getting #offthesidelines and taking action. We have also found that for many of our families We Stories is a catalyst that STARTS a tradition of giving, and that that giving begets more giving. Through their experiences with us many families have the opportunity to better connect with other regional organizations moving equity forward in STL. As an organization we look for ways to uplift and reinvest in regional organizations leading in this work, and we invite you to do the same on May 1 and beyond. Nothing makes us happier than seeing We Stories families share all the ways they are resourcing black-led and equity-focused non-profits.

5. Our region is ready to investing in Racial Equity across the board

Imagine with us a Give STL Day where our region demonstrates that racial equity was a broadly-held priority, where organizations with a commitment to anti-bias and anti-racism are uplifted, and those doing the hard work of moving the needle on change have unique opportunities to access funding to fuel their work. What if there were well-supported equity-focused organizations in each size and industry category? Let’s start making that reality so. It’s possible, but we need to be persistent and intentional.

We believe we are missing an important part of racial equity and anti-racism work if we are not asking ourselves: How much are we willing to contribute to solve a big problem? How long will we invest in change? In what ways are we willing to fund the community and region we want to be part of?

So please join us on May 1st in investing in racial equity across the board!