Author of White Kids Comes to St. Louis! Tickets Available

In collaboration with Novel Neighbor we are pleased to host Scholar, Professor, and Author Margaret Hagerman whose landmark research on white children’s racial attitudes is chronicled in her recent book, White Kids: Growing Up with Privilege in a Racially Divided America.

This is a ticketed event on April 1, 2019 @ 7pm. Price includes author discussion and a signed hardcover copy of Dr. Hagerman's book. PURCHASE YOUR TICKET TODAY!

This truly riveting book is based on two years of research involving in-depth interviews with white kids and their families, is a clear-eyed and sometimes shocking account of how white kids learn about race. In doing so, this book explores questions such as, “How do white kids learn about race when they grow up in families that do not talk openly about race or acknowledge its impact?” and “What about children growing up in families with parents who consider themselves to be ‘anti-racist’?”

Featuring the actual voices of young, affluent white kids and what they think about race, racism, inequality, and privilege, White Kids illuminates how white racial socialization is much more dynamic, complex, and varied than previously recognized. It is a process that stretches beyond white parents’ explicit conversations with their white children and includes not only the choices parents make about neighborhoods, schools, peer groups, extracurricular activities, and media, but also the choices made by the kids themselves.

By interviewing kids who are growing up in different racial contexts—from racially segregated to meaningfully integrated and from politically progressive to conservative—this important book documents key differences in the outcomes of white racial socialization across families. And by observing families in their everyday lives, this book explores the extent to which white families, even those with anti-racist intentions, reproduce and reinforce the forms of inequality they say they reject.

This is a critical learning opportunity for all parents, educators, and those who serve children, especially those who care about the important equity-centered work that our region has been investing in and moving forward in recent years.

WHEN: April 1, 2019 7pm
WHERE: St. Louis Community College - Forest Park Campus
Doors will open at 6pm. Additional copies of book will be available for purchase at event compliments of The Novel Neighbor. If you are unable to attend but would like to order a personalized copy of the book, please visit to order, or you may contact The Novel Neighbor directly.