Join 700+ Families Working For a Transformed St. Louis

We’ve seen such amazing growth with the Family Learning Program over the past 3 years since our first cohort. And as we prepare to usher in our 11th (you read that right, ELEVENTH!) cohort, I’m filled with such energy around the wonderful families we have the privilege of calling our community and the things that they’ve done and said because of their connection to We Stories.

Our original original pilot group of around 80 families that went through the program has grown to a community of more than 700 families! Our families come to us from over 75 zip codes from the greater St. Louis area, with kiddos that range in age from newborn to middle school. Because while our program is focused on kids in the 0-8 range, it’s never too late to start practicing conversations about race and creating habits in our homes to break down the taboos around speaking out about race, particularly for white people.

Here’s what some families are saying about their We Stories' Family Learning Program experience:

"If it hadn't been for We Stories, my family wouldn't be talking about the issues regarding race & equality for all (especially in regards to what we, as a family, have done to contribute to racism AND what we can do moving forward to be part of a more [inclusive] city,country, culture)."

“Before we started this program, I was like, "yea, I think we should participate in the program because I don't want to say the wrong thing to my daughter regarding black people." But as we've delved into the books for our daughter, and more importantly--the readings and resources provided by We Stories Wednesday & the curriculum, I've realized that I myself have a long way to go. And I have to reprogram me before I can even begin to think about how I'm going to live this reality with my daughter.”

“We started We Stories when my eldest was 15 months, and I often felt like I knew I was planting seeds, but I wasn't really sure if they were going to be viable... It hasn't been until recently that I really feel like I'm seeing lots of signs"this is working!"... and "this will make a difference in the trajectory of his life and how he treats and advocates for others!" So hang in there even when it feels like you're talking/reading to yourself!”

Ready to get involved and #joinus in our community?! Then sign up for our Family Learning Program today!

Each family that goes through our 12-week, introductory program will get:

  • 4 age-appropriate books per child starring kids of color

  • Access to a parent curriculum with resources to support family conversations

  • Opportunities to engage and process with other parents having similar experiences

  • A chance to be supported by a program alum as source of encouragement and collaboration

  • A community of bonded individuals to share joys and concerns - from the personal to regional level

    If you have any questions or are interested in exploring a scholarship for your family to participate, contact Rhema at