Progress Needs People, Pressure, and Perseverance. That means YOU!

Progress Needs People, Pressure, and Perseverance. That means YOU!

The last few months have shown us so many inspiring examples of individual people joining together, in the name of democracy, to fight for the issues that matter to them and to push for racial equity. We’ve seen what the person-to-person, hour-by-hour, small-moment work looks like and how it adds up to big change.

We know that what we say to our kids matters - but what we DO matters more.

We Stories families are raising children who not only prioritize racial equity but who understand the importance and power of civic engagement. Who know deep in their bones that it’s their responsibility to show up and that when 1+1+1+1+1 work together, change is possible.

Because progress needs people, pressure and perseverance. If nothing else this election was marked by incredible people power. Initiatives and races that weren’t destined to succeed but captured the readiness of many individual people willing to work for the future they desire.

Like in Michigan, where the public banded together to get a proposal on the ballot to end gerrymandering in Michigan, one of the country’s most gerrymandered states, despite legislative opposition to the measure. (and look what happened!) Or in Florida, a state with the largest population of former offenders, where citizens added a proposal to the ballot and voted to amend Florida’s constitution and restore the ex-offenders’ right to vote! All the way to here in Missouri, where regular people came together to build the momentum needed to elect Wesley Bell the first new prosecuting attorney in 28 years. And of course there’s the Georgia's governor's race….still too close to call. Stacey Abrams’ team holding out to make sure that very individual voice and vote is counted and counts. All of these incidents tie directly to the racial inequality in our country. All of these events demonstrate just how much power individual people can have when they unite their voices.  And still, all of these incidents highlights just how much work still needs to be done.

On Monday, November 5th we asked you share your voting experience with your children. To take them to the polls or to describe your experience afterwards. To make plain to them that the millions of people standing in line across our nation were waiting to exercise their right to vote. To show them the evidence and efforts of the thousands of volunteers and individuals that make campaigns and the process of elections possible.

Today we are asking you to consider: How does your family show up beyond election day for our region? What is your role in making St. Louis more equitable? What is holding you back from joining We Stories if you haven’t already? We need you!

We have 1+1’ed our way to being 750 families strong. 750 families who together are uncovering the ways we can stand up for racial equity in our region and shift the tide in our region.

Our power comes from people called to participate in change.

Our potential comes from the parents seeking a different future for all the children of our region.

We are fueled by the families who want to be part of the solution.

Will you be one of those families?

#JoinUs in January and be a part of the change.

Each family that goes through our 12-week, introductory program will get:

  • 4 age-appropriate books per child starring kids of color

  • Access to a parent curriculum with resources to support family conversations

  • Opportunities to engage and process with other parents having similar experiences

  • A chance to be supported by a program alum as source of encouragement and collaboration

  • A community of bonded individuals to share joys and concerns - from the personal to regional level

  • If you have any questions or are interested in exploring a scholarship for your family to participate, contact Rhema at