Your Story, My Story, We Stories

Your Story, My Story, We Stories

Change often starts with a nudge, a subtle but intentional shift that can’t always be seen by others. A push against what’s stuck, perhaps an old habit or limiting belief. A small step towards a new connection or way of thinking.

Over time, the nudges and small steps add up, turning into strides. A new pace is established. It feels good…like progress.

Most people have experienced something like this.

But it’s different when this is happens in community… when those nudges are known to others, and those strides are taken together. When there is a common purpose and an eagerness to help each other push against the forces that hold us collectively in place.

This is the magic that we experience.

We know that when the work is done together it creates not just momentum but movement.

And that movement has begun creating a new story about what is and isn’t true in our city, especially when it comes to white families.

Our city’s story now includes hundreds upon hundreds of white families who say:

   We talk about race in this home.

   We care about racism in this family.

   We see ourselves in both the problem and the solution.

   We must work to interrupt racism together.

For our families this means more confidence and less fear, more purpose and less stuckness, more honesty and fewer convenient answers, more connectedness and less isolation, more “we can help” and less “but what can I do?”

For our city this means more listening and less posturing, more courage and less silence, more commitment and less apathy, more ‘maybe this time’ and less ‘here we go again.’

And these changes let us wonder and dream: Just how close is that future with more love and less hate? More humanity and less pain?

This new story is just the beginning, the end of which is not yet known. We still have a long way to go and there is much work to be done. But we are clear that this reboot carries with it promise. It gives us the opportunity to keep pushing…to push beyond possibility and say: Change IS happening. And each day it is coming faster and faster. And each day we are hungrier for more. And even while we admire the momentum, we know this is no time to stop. Instead we must dig deep, lengthen our strides, and resolutely whisper what has become our battle cry: join me.

This year, it is this that we are most grateful for, and we have YOU to thank.

Let’s keep going.