Securing Justice for All in St. Louis


In the midst of regional uprising against police brutality and misconduct in St. Louis, We Stories joins Forward through Ferguson (FTF) and 35+ other civic and social organizations to hold policy and decision makers accountable to police reform and racial justice.

On Friday, September 15, a local judge in St. Louis City ruled that Jason Stockley, the former SLMPD officer who killed city resident, Anthony Lamar Smith, would not be found guilty of any charges from the case. As region-wide protests and economic direction actions began, Forward Through Ferguson wrote an open statement to the region - inviting other organizations to help advance police reform and racial equity, and reminding regional leaders that we have been here before and have firm policy recommendations to chart a path ahead. 

THE CALL FOR ACTION (excerpted from full FTF statement)

"...We are back in this very same place because while Ferguson woke up our region, and our nation, to the brutal realities of injustice and racial inequity, the policies that govern our region today are still the same.

We are here because generations of segregation and unequal treatment have led to unequal outcomes, to a St. Louis that works just fine for some, but withholds the promise of the American dream from too many others.

We are here once again because we lack a shared commitment to racial equity.

We can no longer afford to treat #Ferguson as an isolated incident that would settle down as time passed so we could go back to “normal.” We cannot return to normal because the anger and frustration that boils below the surface in St. Louis will continue to erupt in our region, over and over again, unless we commit to working toward racial equity.

If we truly want to have justice for all, then we must change law enforcement practices, municipal court systems, and the policies that shape them. The appropriate response to the unrest we see in the streets is not more platitudes and sentimental acts of charity, but real work to dismantle oppressive, deadly systems and structures..."


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