How one book traveled from STL to the President and back

The picture above comes with a remarkable story we can't wait to share.

This October, We Stories was selected (out of 20,000 nominations) to attend South by South Lawn, a first of its kind festival of innovative ideas hosted by the White House.  

We brought with us a copy of President Obama's children's book, "Of Thee I Sing," that had been signed by St. Louis school children and We Stories families and supporters.

It included a note about the community YOU are helping to build - book by book, conversation by conversation, family by family - a community fueled by families and committed to racial equity.  

We were thrilled to bring YOUR hopes to the White House.  

Last week as President Obama prepared to leave office, we received this note from the administration's Chief Digital Officer, Jason Goldman (a St. Louisan!):

"On the day of SxSL I did present the President with your book. He was very touched at receiving such a thoughtful gift.

Today I received your book back and it has been signed by the President. It is his hope that you and the kids would enjoy having it." 

That's President Obama's signature along with the call to "dream big dreams" on the book's title page.  Can you believe it???  We were floored.

At We Stories, we are guided by the belief that stories matter - that by expanding the stories in our life, we expand our vision of the future.  To think that YOUR story, our story, and the story we've yet to tell made it to the desk of the President, is truly remarkable.  Thank YOU for your role in this journey.

With the support of individuals like you, we have grown from an idea to an organization in little over a year.  If the President's call to "dream big dreams" gives you a warm fuzzy, please consider supporting our mission.  Every gift allows us to provide more families with diverse children's books and a life-changing learning and community building experience.  

We are so glad you are part of the We Stories community of dreamers... and doers.