The DNC In Children’s Books: A Reading List for Kids of Today

The DNC In Children’s Books: A Reading List for Kids of Today

This line of work has made me start to see the world through the lens of children’s books. I’ve always been a big fan and love reading to my children, but now children’s books are constantly creeping into my mind even when I’m not on mom duty.

This week’s Democratic National Convention was something to behold in terms of the stories, hopes, and histories shared. As I watched I couldn’t help but be reminded of the many similar-themed books in the We Stories library. I know many parents invited their children to watch alongside them this week. If you’re looking to continue those family conversations I pulled together these selections as a starting point, picking up on several of the themes from the speeches this week.


* The history of the building of The White House - Brick By Brick

*  “When they go low; we go high” – Michelle Obama. Fishing Day on overcoming hatred with empathy and kindness

* The fullness of the American spirit - Of Thee I Sing

* The fullness of what it means to be American - We Came to America

* Belonging and Feeling New – I’m New Here; My Two Blankets

* Celebrating racial difference – The Skin You Live In, Shades of People

* Being a girl breaking barriers and beating the oddsCatching the Moon

* Being told you can’t do something because you’re a girl or because you are black – Amazing Grace

* What ONE child or person can do Last Stop on Market Street, Something Beautiful

* Images of the future citizens of our country – Little Humans

* The historic nature of a woman accepting the first major party nomination for president – Grace for President


Any of these books can be picked up locally by calling The Novel Neighbor, Eye See Me, or Left Bank Books or borrowed through the St. Louis County Library System.



What we do is pretty simple. We provide families with beautiful, compelling picture books that feature diverse characters and address race and racism. We pair the books with monthly, thematic resources that help parents bring the books to life and advance their own learning. And, we foster a supportive community among the participating families through a closed Facebook group and regular in-person events.

Reading diverse children’s books is a small, everyday act with big ripple effects. We are opening up new conversations with our kids and demonstrating that we value diversity, tolerance, and fairness. We are reflecting on the stories that have shaped our identities, exploring missing chapters of history, forging new friendships and rewriting our notions of community. With 280 local families participating and nearly 350 still waiting to join, we are finding strength in numbers.