I Wouldn't Have Believed You

We were so pleased to share a bit about our journey with Don Marsh on "St Louis on the Air" last week. We were grateful not only for the opportunity but even more so for all the support we received.

This time last year was lonely and difficult. As a white parent in St. Louis who genuinely cared about the racial inequities around me I felt a lot of despair and doubt and fear. To know that less than a year after meeting Laura I'd be able to share a story (on the radio!) about hundreds of white families who have embarked on a journey to take up conversations about race differently is unbelievable. I wouldn't have believed you if you told me this would happen. To know that those families are working hard to examine their own beliefs and experiences and their role in the larger system around us feels overwhelming. To know that their kids (our kids) are accessing stories and histories and truths that I didn't encounter until I was an adult is truly heartening.

There is MUCH work to be done. But now I know about the growing number of hands and hearts who are standing right beside me.

Take a listen!