When It Rains It Pours

One week after a great experience on STL Public Radio, we were fortunate to be covered by The St. Louis Post Dispatch! And on the front page - so exciting! If you’ve been following along you know that the high levels of interest that we’ve received has been one of the most surprising and heartening parts of this experience. That trend has continued and we are overwhelmed with new families raising their hand to be a part of what is possible in St. Louis. 97 more families since Sunday afternoon…and more joining by the hour.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to do this work. I am so grateful for the thought leaders and researchers who have worked so hard to wake people up! It matters and is why people are NOW stepping forward to do their part.  I am so grateful for the families that are participating and deciding to stand for change. The truth is that we are larger and more capable than we realize. I am so grateful for the mentors who have been shepherding us along and challenging us to dream bigger and go deeper. And of course for a board and team of volunteer leaders who are moving us forward by leaps and bounds. I know Laura feels the same.

We are running as fast as we can to keep up with the demand and appreciate all of your support and help! Together, we can make a difference...and already are.

A big-hearted thanks to you all!