What would happen if white families* from all across St. Louis decided to start talking to our young children about race and racism?

Would it change how we see ourselves?

how we see Our city and its people?

Would it unlock our ability to contribute to a more hopeful future?

What if these families encouraged even more of their friends and neighbors to join this conversation? 

First one, then another, and then a few more, until dozens upon dozens of St. Louisans stood together asking how our city can reach its promise.

What if the questions that began stirring in our hearts and homes allowed us to connect with all the other families across our community who also dream of a diverse, inclusive, and equitable future?

We are dreaming of a different St. Louis...

A St. Louis where compassion, understanding, and generosity of spirit extends well beyond familiar streets and community borders.

A St. Louis where diversity is not only valued but sought, and all of its children benefit from opportunities to thrive.

This St. Louis is not only possible but is already happening.

We Stories: Raising Big-Hearted Kids is a new and growing organization that uses the power of children’s literature to create conversation, change, and hope in St. Louis and a stronger, more equitable and inclusive future for all.

We want you to dream with us. Together change is possible.  

*why white families? we're glad you asked.